Use Cases, Actors and Stakeholders

Use Cases

Use cases were extracted from all of the scenarios and then prioritized to tackle those which involve significant architectural issues first with the “simpler” use cases to follow. The Use Case analysis resulted in the following initial list for SURF and WETN.


  1. Login To University Portal

  2. View Taken University Modules

  3. View Registered University Modules

  4. View University Module Details

  5. View Personal Details held by University

  6. View University Learner Record

  7. Request change to Personal Details held by University

  8. Login To SURF Portal

  9. View Taken College Courses

  10. View Registered College Courses

  11. View College Course Details

  12. View Previous Institution College Courses

  13. View VLE Modules or Courses

  14. Access VLE Module or Course

  15. View Relevant e-Resources from College or University

  16. Access Relevant e-Resource

  17. Enrol Onto VLE Module


  1. Enrol and receive induction

  2. Log in and access current learner information

  3. Access learning resources

  4. Access tutor support

  5. Access learner support


Actors identified during use case analysis were as follows:

College VLEColeg Sir Gâr VLE
University Student Record SystemColeg Sir Gâr SRS
College MISCollege VLE
eResource SystemseResource Systems
College SRS


Stakeholders are shown in the table below. It was important to consider the stakeholders as well as the actors as the stakeholders could have a significant impact on the success of the project and portal.

Stakeholders SURF and WETNInterest / stakeImportance (SURF)Importance (WETN)
LearnersPrime beneficiary of the project outcomesHighHigh
e-Moderators/TutorsPart of the distributed programme support teamMediumHigh
Programme ManagersManage the distributed programmeHighHigh
Programme AdministratorsManage the distributed informationHighHigh
Learner Support Staff (LRC, Technical Support, Customer Support)Support providers. Could be a central provision for the distributed networkMediumMedium
Resource Support Staff (Portal, VLE & Repository Support, Content Management)Could be partly distributed and partly centralHighHigh
Corporate Information and Student Service StaffOwn current Business practicesHigh
Learning Development and InnovationResponsible for implementation and leading changeHigh
Senior Institutional Management (WETN)Need to buy in to the culture change that this development would representMedium
Senior Institutional Management (SURF)Need to support required culture changes, which are in line with existing institutional strategy at the University and buy into it in college partnersHigh
HEFCWNeed to buy in to the culture change that this development would representMedium
Wales Assembly GovernmentNeed to buy in to the culture change that this development would representMedium
HEFCEProject in line with HEFCE eLearning StrategyMedium
UK GovernmentProject in line with DfES eLearning StrategyMedium